Anthony Blackwell; Choreographer, Dancer, Writer, Poet, DJ

Ye-Ling Chen; Choreographer, Dancer, Designer

To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak. ~Hopi Indian Saying

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Anthony Blackwell has been dancing from a young age on. He has studied many forms of dance, including jazz, tap, hip-hop, salsa, Argentine tango, mambo, Lindy hop, and hustle. Anthony has taught, performed, and competed worldwide. His strong psychological approach to teaching and his thorough knowledge of technique help him convey the concepts of dance effectively and make the learning process easy and enjoyable for his students. Using a holistic approach, he aids his students' development in every aspect of dance and at every level, from basic beginner to professional. While Anthony’s repertoire includes many styles of dance, his signature style is a calm and sensual Milonguero style Argentine tango (close embrace ) featuring syncopated traspie steps. He is a master of improvisation and especially appreciated for his musical interpretation. Anthony combines subtle and complex rhythmical movements with crisp timing that result in a subdued yet exhilarating fusion of passion and playfulness.  His unique and innovative ideas on the social dance floor, remains "true" to the essence of the social dance. Anthony has performed at Lincoln Center and has been featured on Fox News and written up in the New York Times and has countless other appearances on TV, Stage and print. Anthony has choreographed, Dj-ed, performed, and taught,  at Festivals, public and private events, cultural organizations, embassies, consulates, schools, universities, and theaters, throughout Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

Ye-Ling Chen is a charismatic and elegant dancer she provides students with a full dance curriculum. Ye Ling makes learning dance understandable and enjoyable Ye-Lings background in dance includes many years of ballroom and Latin dancing, which was highlighted by her participation in dance troupes and in competitions. Ye-Ling cultivates the connection between dancers to foster musicality, improvisation and self-expression. Known as an adept follower as well as a sensitive leader, she promotes a thorough understanding of the contributions of both dancers. Ye-Ling emphasizes technique, including balance, posture, and muscle tone. Ye Ling has been featured in the New York Times, toured, competed and performed all over the world.