We are dedicated to the art and culture of dancing. We offer performing, teaching, and choreography, in the hope of giving you a unique opportunity to expand and nourish your  mind body and soul.

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探戈之家 Casa de Tango بيت التانغو Дом Танго Tango Evi בית הטנגו

House of Tango 탱고의 집 Spiti tou Tango タンゴの家




Monday June 26th

Argentine Tango in Brooklyn Monday June 26th  

Casa de Tango has a transforming effect on ruggedly beautiful Brooklyn. You will meet the most unlikely characters in this cozy milonga, and everything blossoms so beautifully with each tanda. Tango in Brooklyn is disarming humor, blushing encounters and bittersweet flavors, certain to set off a groundswell of smiles. I hope you will join us for a tanda or two.




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Monday June 26th, 2017 a night of Argentine Tango

all levels tango class 7- 8:00pm

Milonga (Dance Party) 7:00pm-12:00am

Happy Hour 5 - 8:00pm Drink Specials

Full menu available (kitchen open till midnight)


Casa de Tango at 333 Lounge Monday June 26th, 7:00pm - 12:30am with Host & DJ Anthony Blackwell at 333 Lounge Flatbush Avenue; All levels class (7:00 - 8:00pm) with Anthony  $10 admission and Complimentary class with paid admission.


 Dance, Dance, Dance!


Empire Milonga

Nito & Elba Garcia

and Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz

Friday June 23rd, 2016 9:30pm -2:00am

Nito & Elba Garcia

Nito Garcia learned tango the old-fashioned way, watching his uncle and aunt dance on a packed-earth patio in the province of Buenos Aires more than half a century ago. As a young man, he polished his skills in the dance halls of Buenos Aires in the 1950s, was a principal dancer with the orchestra of Osvaldo Pugliese, and later moved to Mar Del Plata, on the coast of Argentina, where he continued to perform and teach.

Nito and Elba met in 1973 and soon married and began dancing together. Over the past 40 years, they have become one of the most highly respected and beloved tango couples worldwide, starring in events throughout Europe, Asia, and North and South America. Elegant and graceful, Nito & Elba continue to perform at the Esquina Carlos Gardel, one of the most highly famed tango shows in Buenos Aires, when they are not traveling.

Nito and Elba won the prestigious Lobo del Mar award in 1996 for their outstanding contribution to the arts and were presented with the "Person of the City" award in Mar del Plata, Argentina for 1997. Nito & Elba have been invited to teach at the CITA Festival in Buenos Aires every year and are highly in demand as private coaches for professional couples in Buenos Aires.

Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz

Lola Díaz started dancing at the age of 5. When she was 7, she entered to the school of Teatro Colon, where she studies classical ballet until the age of 16, becoming dancer of the permanent staff of the theatre from 1999 to 2002. Lola takes part also in the ballet under the age of 16 directed by world renowned dancer Julio Bocca. Since very young she learns as well different dance techniques such as Jazz, Modern and Tango. As a tango dancer, and regardless of her short age, she has participated in various productions.

Tireless researcher and maestro, remarkable dancer and connoisseur of the secrets of tango - Fabián Salas has brought light to old beliefs and opened new ways in the conception of the dance, creating an unmistakable style of dancing the Tango. He is the vertebral column of Cosmotango®. He is acclaimed as a teacher and performer by tango lovers around the world. Fabián was a member of the original cast (1994-1995) of the award-winning (Best Musical) argentine tango show "Gotán", and also performed many productions. Fabian Salas and Lola Diaz will be teaching the pre-milonga class and performing at Empire Milonga June 16, 2017



Empire Milonga Friday June 23rd, 9:30pm - 2:00am with Host Paul Pellicoro, Victoria Codru, Jack Hanley & DJ Anthony Blackwell at Dancesport 22 W 34th St, 4th floor - next to the Empire State Building; Beg class (8:30-9:30): Victoria, Int/Adv class (8:30-9:30): Nito & Elba; $20 (without class); $25 class and milonga together. Performance by Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz, Nito & Elba Garcia


Empire Milonga


A New York State Of Mind





Dance, Dance, Dance!



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We Are Having FUN!

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"work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt,

dance like no one's watching." Satchel Paige




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On your Birthday please tell the person at the Entrance and admission is Complimentary and if you would like a Birthday Dance just let the Dj know upon your arrival and we will make it happen!


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We are dedicated to the art and culture of dancing. We offer performing, teaching, and choreography, in the hope of giving you a unique opportunity to expand and nourish your mind body and soul.

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Group And Private Lessons Available

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In 1802 'House of Tango' was functioning in Buenos Aires.

At our 'House of Tango' we are keeping the tradition going